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Hi Folks! Thanks for stopping by. Being the dedicated food aficionado that I am, My debut album 'Hard to Forget' was lovingly crafted mostly in the kitchen. I did attempt to get my drummer and double bass player however, sardines in a can senario, pun of course intended,. Meaning that we did sought out the wonderful J&J studios to help us put the icing on the cake ( pun again intended).

During the recording process I teamed up with Nutritionist and Allergy Therapist Louise Marchionne to create a dish that represents each song on the album. that can also be enjoyed wheat free, dairy free, Vegan and Gluten Free.

Scroll down to check out each blog release.

I am now harnessing the flavours and cooking up my second sensory delight with a recipe book in the pipeline. Sign up for the full recipes and details and more.

The ingredients for my follow up album 'Safe Place' are simmering away nicely, and will be brought to the table in Spring 2019

Thanks to Indigobell designs, Agata Rucin Photography and the Muse behind each Hard To Forget recipie Louise Marchionne

‘ Get You On My Own ’
‘Red lentil Dal with broccoli and cauliflower’

‘Get You On My Own’ is the last track on my debut album, the song is based on a relationship in relation to a game of cards, a wildcard song as unlike my others about loss, hope, relationships and longing, this song is all about lust.

I love the blend of basmati rice and wild rice fusion and subtle flavours of turmeric and cumin all mixed in with coriander my favourite herb. I remember when Louise cooked a variation of this dish a few years ago for my birthday, it has always been one of my favourite dishes, its hot an sultry so it seemed fitting for it to be the finale track.

Agata who was behind the camera had a chance to also try out all the dishes, not a huge fan of coriander, all the dishes Lou’s crafted together can also be developed. Louise thought hard to create dishes that suited the needs of people with gluten, dairy, and wheat intolerances, coriander can be taken out of this dish, it’s vegan and almost nightshade free! (you could take out the chilli and just add more ginger and black pepper if nightshades were a problem)*

Agata like many of my friends Vegan some of the many benefits of this dish include a good source of Iron from broccoli and Protein from the lentils. Louise goes into more of these benefits on her blog which you can find a link to by scrolling down! Now, I wonder if you can guess which card game I’m referring to in the lyrics?

Anyway, where was I, ah yes.. after inhaling this rich and nutritious dish, inhaling, often is something I do when it comes to Louise’s food, as no matter how slow I try to be, her food is just so good before you know it, your looking at an empty plate left with a disco of amazing flavours in your mouth.

A note to add as discovered when reading Lou’s blog about ‘Get You On My Own’

Broccoli and cauliflower are both members of the cruciferous family. They are rich in nutrients especially vitamin C a powerful immune boosting antioxidant which also helps you convert fat to energy and manganese, which amongst other things helps to support your sex hormone production!

Well I hope this dish and song gets you in the mood, for what, well I’ll leave that up to you to decide!

Rounding off, I’d like to thank everyone involved in making my debut album release a huge success. The recipes for these dishes will be available as downloadable Ecards upon signing up to my mailing list Thank you to Louise Marchionne for your craft, attention to detail and delicious recipes. Agata Rucin for you wonderful captures, photographing the journey To Louise Marchionne, Steve Hogarth Jeans and James Dovey for helping with editing. Special thanks to everyone signing up following my journey an I look forward to releasing some more Lady Nade collaborative recipes with my next Album release. Please Join me at my exclusive group page to stay posted

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‘Get You On My Own’ is out now on The Lady Nade ‘Hard To Forget’ Album Click HERE

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‘ Complicated ’
‘A cooked salad with quinoa and roast cauliflower’

‘Complicated’ is a song about the loss of my Nanna, I was 12 years old, I remember climbing out of bed, in a dream like state, which lead me into the bathroom where sat my mother in a ocean of tears surrounded my the echoing words, “she's gone”. A numbness, shock, and disbelief seeped through my body, I remember climbing back into bed only to wake up my younger brother as I burst into tears moments later. When he asked me what was wrong and I told him it took him a whole week to believe me, it was easier to believe we had woken from a bad dream in our sudden loss states.

Dealing with loss has defiantly been one of my biggest challenges, especially as my Nanna played such a huge role in my life, she was just one of those amazing people with the ability to make everyone she met fall in lover with her somehow, she was spiritual, generous, kind and loyal.

When people ask me how did I ever get into music, I amusingly, emotionally and sorrowfully say, loss. For it was during the first couple of years of loosing my nan that I started to write poetry and it was through poetry that I went on to explore songwriting and then by attending Bristol Plays Music, Formerly known as remix, encouraged by a friend, who had an interest in singing but didn't want to go alone I was helped by Mentors, members of Bristol based band Clumsy and Mentoring Coordi-nator Theo Berry to take my singing to the next step by combining my words and voice.

Whenever I pick up a pen and start writing, I always feel a lightning bolt of energy and whenever I sing I feel a sense of belonging for I can be grateful for the gift that gaining the confidence to sing my own lyrics has helped me express myself, in the hardest times and happy ones too, It’s such a celebration to be able to get down how I'm feeling and sharing my feelings and stories have attracted so many people to respond in a positive growing and healing way and that’s what I love about performing live and creating music, connecting to people and being able to be the voice for other people that might be going through something that they might otherwise not be able to express and being able to give my listeners a platform to enable them to talk about different emotions that they might be feeling, is important to me.

A cooked salad with quinoa and roast cauliflower’ is the recipe to match ‘Complicated’ and the 7th track on my Debut album. I love Lou’s thought and care for the recipe for this dish, along the way discovering that shock, grief and stress are all examples of emotions that have a negative impact on the immune system, as they can create an imbalance in the body’s chemistry, that there is a belief that this can deplete us of our good gut flora, I discovered though initial kinesiology consulta-tions with Lou, my gut flora was out of balance, no surprises there.

This dish includes ingredients loaded with simple to digest proteins, fiber and the inclusion of tur-meric just simply boosts the antioxidant properties and will boost the immune system.

Once more it’s tasty, nourishing and fresh as Lou says a little complicated to make but very simple to digest and to enjoy.

It’s definitely my go to ‘when grief is eating me, I eat this’ dish and I hope whatever experienced of loss you may have or had experienced this will serve you just as it does me in a very healing way.

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Complicated is out now on The Lady Nade ‘Hard To Forget’ AlbumClick HERE

‘Mind’s Made Up’
‘Chicken Broth With Miso, Seaweed and Udon Noodles’

A song about finding the strength to move on from a relationship that hasn't worked out, reminiscing the good times and questioning
‘Does true love ever die?’

In my experience love works in mysterious ways, I’ve witnessed people I know fall in love, get married, have kids and create healthy, lengthily loving relationships. I’ve also witnessed people I know end relationships due to distance timing and also because they’ve naturally grown apart or in different directions to one another. The latter is the inspiration behind ‘Mind’s Made Up.’

I love sharing the love story of a friend I know, who in their late 60’s thought all hope of finding love again was lost, convinced that they were too old, with their loving children all grown up, their mind was made up, (no pun Intended) to spend the rest of their days alone. Coincidentally they fell in love and married again a year later . The pair both previously divorced now now live together happily ever after.

Whether you’re in love, at the start of a relationship or coming to the end of one, Lou’s ‘Chicken Broth With Miso, Seaweed and Udon Noodles’ has all the comforts you need to make you feel good!

This dish is full of flavour, full of nutrients both warming on the heart and soul.

I absolutely love the subtle taste of coriander the lightness of the udon noodles and sweet flavour chicken flavour broth. I found myself quoting the classic Oliver Twist.

‘Please Lou, can I have some more?.’

I felt a real buzz after guzzling this dish down. This is one of my favourite dishes out of the 10 recipes Lou carefully created for the release of my debut album ‘Hard To Forget.’

A song can take me days, weeks and sometimes years to write. In most cases living the heartache, happiness, loss or love over again until I have a finished piece of work. A lot of heartache and loss were the main ingredients for this song and Lou’s ‘Chicken Broth With Miso, Seaweed and Udon Noodles’ is the perfect antidote.

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Debut Album ‘Hard To Forget’ Out Now Click HERE

‘ Hard To Forget ’

When I first started to think about a title for my debut album, I started to think about the general theme and lyrical content and one that would best represent the overall feel.

I’ve always wanted to create music that is timeless, like the records I listen to and love, Sarah Vaughan, Chet Baker, Nina Simone are all artists that create this feeling for me.

I was looking for the band, Muse’s version of Feelin’ Good, when I discovered Simone, I incorrectly typed their name in, and the Nina’s version came up. And ‘Oh my God! Why have I never heard of her before? Was my reaction! My Granddad said ‘If you like her, then you might like Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald’.” 

Through this discovery I then found myself being influenced by artists such as, Joan Armatrading, Amy Winehouse, and Leonard Cohen. 

Louise and I were lucky enough to catch Joan Armatrading’s solo tour at the Colston Hall. Here we are looking rather glamorous pre show!

’Hard To forget’ also features as a song on my album. It is the first track. The song is about feeling sad and missing the love that was once felt for someone. That no matter how hard, no matter how much this character has tried to distance themselves, it was time for them to move on. They will however, always find there love was the person they loved whom is now proving to be, ‘Hard To Forget’.

Timeless is my favourite music, my favourite movies, musicals, and my favourite dishes!

Time seemed to be the key feature for each song on my album, ‘Hard To Forget’

It seemed only the perfect match, I also hope that my album will serve to be just so.

Artist Gina James, was inspired by the concept of time and that’s how she created the art work for my album.

Louise makes food that is ‘Hard To Forget’, she serves from the heart for the heart, for the soul, head, liver, earlobes (yes earlobes too.)

Her Farinata is the perfect dish for not only my album title track but for so many other occasions.

Light, Fluffy, succulent, I enjoyed this dish with her Sweet Potato and Leek soup (the dish made for my song, ‘I Got You Daddy’ )

The subtle taste of rosemary, a perfect ingredient and cleverly matched because I believe rosemary is known to aid memory. I always feel its good to remember the good with the bad but I’ll only remember good things about this dish!

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Here’s a teaser of ‘I Got You Daddy’

Debut Album ‘Hard To Forget’ Out Now Click HERE

‘ I Got You Daddy’
‘Sweet Potato and Leek Soup’

Warm, gentle, sweet, comforting,
remind you of anyone? For me it’s my Grandad.
One of the biggest influences in my life.

If you ever get to meet my Grandad, who’s celebrating his 90th Birthday this week! He might say:

I can not hold a hot potato in my hand

Then ask you to repeat the line three times:

I can not hold a hot potato in my hand
I can not hold a hot potato in my hand
I can not hold a hot potato in my hand
If he likes you, he’ll then reply, well stick it up your backside then!

My Granddad has a great sense of humour, he loves comedy and artists such as Gracie Fields, Ken Dodd ,Abbott and Costello and Will Hay all of whom have been a big influence on his life. Growing up I would listen to his Rock and roll compilations. Songs I can remember dancing around to in my bedroom include:

The Coasters- Yakety Yak, Lonnie Donegan, My Old Man's A Dustmann
Bill Haley & His Comets - Rock Around The Clock.

Whenever I’m in need of help, love, support I have always been able to turn to him, he has always encouraged me to have a good sense of humour.

This dish that Louise has created, for me, represents everything I need when I’m feeling low or empty, Lou’s Sweet Potato and leek soup is the perfect match for when I need to re fuel and for when I need to spend time with my family.

Soups are quick, simple and easy, or so they should be. Potatoes were precious to my Grandad as he can remember the days when there was a shortage of potatoes during the second world war. He also has a sweet tooth and enjoys Werther's originals, so using sweet potatoes is so appropriate.

This sweet potato is a perfect healthy combo. The first thing I noticed when I try the dish is the beautiful orangey colour and fresh parsley, my Grandad’s garden is like a sanctuary and I’m reminded of his fresh herb garden.

When I taste the dish, It’s sweet, I love chocolate and sweet food, ( No surprises there) However sugar is not ideal for my voice as processed sweet products coats the larynx and dehydrates the voice.

The Dish is warm and comforting and not only great before a show but satisfies my sweet tooth. The Lyrics of this song are about material things I didn't have at the time, and how my Grandad despite all of this has kept my spirits high. A few things have changed since I wrote the song thanks to his love and encouragement, and yours too!

I now have some pennies, a car, some fortune and fame, I have sold copies all around the world, Germany, France, Spain and Australia to name a few. I have released music worldwide and last year I collaborated with Kitchen Studios ( Ironically recorded most of my album in a kitchen ) to release my debut album ‘Hard To Forget’.

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Here’s a teaser of ‘I Got You Daddy’

Debut Album ‘Hard To Forget’ Out Now Click HERE

‘Waiting For You’
‘Bitter Salad’

My first taste of Lou’s interpretation of ‘Waiting For You’ was a bitter, tangy and sweet one. Inside my mouth it felt like fireworks were going off. My taste buds were singing to each other as the fusion of apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing travelled onto my pallet.

I was reminded of the feelings felt around writing ‘Waiting For You’, a song about someone who has grown tired waiting for someone to commit to them.

The sprouting seeds and the bright pink of the red onions having been soaked in the vinegar captured the sweetness of my character falling in love. The apple cider vinegar captured the feeling of the uncertainty that my characters’ lover may not be able to offer them an equal amount of love back.

The bitterness of the rocket captured my characters discovery that her time was being wasted as she giving her all in a relationship that didn't give her the commitment she needed.

My song does have a positive ending, my character realises that moving on is the only way to truly make her happy.

I was so pleased with how Louise created the dish for ‘Waiting For You’ I believe it represents the lyrics well with the use of colour, flavour and texture.

Verse 1 Parsley and Rocket matching ‘Caught in tide’
Verse 2 Tamari toasted seeds -‘Climbing down from the fence’
Verse 3 Greens Sprouting beans - The yellow colours ‘ Only sun in my sky’

I am keen to share this dish with my friends and family, I saved a couple of small pots to take with me. - however I didn't make it home to deliver the goods, I bumped into friends in Montpelier who had just arrived back from a festival. This superfood salad was just the offering they were in need of and they gobbled it up no quicker than I could say, ‘Waiting for you’!

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Here’s a teaser of ‘Waiting For You’

Debut Album ‘Hard To Forget’ Out Now Click HERE

‘Those Late Nights’
‘Hot Toddie’

Those Late Nights is a heart warming song about two characters who are friends. The first friend is up late at night, reflecting on love and life- with a loss of appetite, feeling lost and low. The second friend is offering comforting words to help ease their mind and make them feel better.

I have enjoyed spending many a late night with Louise over the last 6 years. There have been tears, laughter, music and food, fires, fish and the passing of George the great German Shepherd dog!

Lou’s German Shepherd dog, who looked like an impressive guard dog, but what was more impressive was the love he had for Lou and her son (who I now introduce as another brother). He was a true and loyal friend to them both.

I was terrified on my first visit but it didn't take long for me to realise that George was the kindest, sweetest dog. George was diagnosed with a type of arthritis that so often cruelly affects German Shepherd dogs. It took about 6 months but he lost the use of his back legs.

When Lou had to lay him to rest- It broke my heart to see her heart break and it was one of the latest nights we had in tears by the fire.

Louise is one of my strongest friends and with her knowledge and passion she is able to make both humans and animals feel better. Louise rescued George and gave him a loving home and life, even George had his own special diet, she gave him supplements to slow down his illness, took him swimming when he was no longer able to enjoy his walks in bluebell woods. He eventually ended up having to wear dog slippers to protect his dragging feet.

If you are having a late night, you have no appetite and you cannot sleep.

Lou’s Hot toddy is sweet, spicy, warming and comforting and aids a good rest.

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Here’s a teaser of Those late nights

Pre-Order my debut album for the full version HERE

‘Lemon and Ginger Tea’

Photo: Agata Rucin

My song 6AM is is an unrequited love story
The song us about a friend trying to help another friend feel better
The friend they are helping is heartbroken, they have been up all night.

This friend wants to help their friend feel better, as they have consistently had unrequited and unequal relationships. They are feeling sad, full of self doubt and really rather lost.

Whether you have been up all night with heartache and anxiety or if it's a friend you're trying to comfort.

6AM Lemon and Ginger tea is a great choice!

As it turns out - in my story - In the end the friend who is helping tells the other that that they love them - and they can rest assured that their love won't cause them further anxiety.. revealing that the love they were looking for could have always been there right with them, if only they could see it, if only they could accept it.

6AM It is a story of hope and compassion, trying to prevail.

Louise’s Lemon and Ginger based is based on helping aid a broken heart, an emotional state of mind and body that's feeling fragile.

Ginger has said to aid digestion, loss of appetite and pain. Lemons are said to be a great source of vitamin C and fiber. Coconut oil has been known to help promote heart health.

Here’s ‘6AM’ song lyric video ‘6AM ’

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‘Kiss This Troubled Mind’ ‘Chocolate Kisses ’

In 2015 I spent 6 months writing and recording in a kitchen. It was the best experience ever, not only because I love music but because I also have a huge passion for food. As a musician who is on the road and running workshops across the southwest, It’s important for me to keep fit and healthy, I have to constantly monitor what I eat as I suffer from types of wheat and dairy intolerances, I understand some people suffer greatly from such food Intolerances.

I met Louise Marchionne in 2010 who is now my nutritionist and good friend. Louise Marchionne is a qualified nutritionist and allergy therapist, she passionate about food and helping people find the right diet plans to suit there lifestyles.

Louise has helped me significantly helped me find the right diet for my lifestyle.

Over the next 9 weeks Louise and I will be releasing 10 dishes that represent my album, our love for food recipes will include wheat free, dairy free, vegan and Gluten Free dishes.

We share a love for food and music - to celebrate the release of my debut album ‘Hard To Forget’ I’ve invited Louise Marchionne to match a recipe to every track on my forthcoming album, we aim to help and inspire through music and food.

Over the next 9 weeks Louise and I will be releasing 10 dishes that represent my album, our love for food and music-recipes will include wheat free, dairy free, vegan and gluten free dishes.

My song ‘Kiss This Troubled Mind’ is about feeling in need of some TLC in a relationship. My character is wishing for her mind and heart to be put at ease- she is wanting to ignite recover and be rescued within her relationship.

Louise has created ‘Chocolate Kisses’ to represent my song - which I feel a great choice and title.

Louise’s Chocolate Kisses are vegan full of superfoods, rich and indulgent. They are made without gluten and without nuts.

To Find out more Here’s a album teaser of ‘ Kiss This Troubled Mind’

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